Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
1 - Orchestrated Death

“A naked, unidentified girl murdered in a derelict flat near the BBC TV Centre turns out to own a £1 million Stradivarius violin – or had she stolen it? Along with teasing whodunnit puzzles, ORCHESTRATED DEATH offers a touching, modern love story as fallible Detective Inspector Slider falls for the victim’s friend (Joanna). Series hero Slider and his creator are real discoveries for detection fans demanding quality and heart as well as ingenious plots.” SHAUN USHER, DAILY MAIL

“When a beautiful young woman is found naked and dead in a deserted London flat, Detective Inspector Bill Slider finds himself unable to keep an objective distance. His investigation reveals the lonely existence of this sad woman and gives us an inside look at life in a metropolitan orchestra. Intertwined with the investigation is an unusually well done love story which complements rather than distracts. The characters are diverse and believable… the story is well-paced and the last fifty pages virtually force you to read them.” ROBERTA PENN, PRIME SUSPECT

“Masterful debut… Although Harrod-Eagles unabashedly hints at a clue that might settle everything, no one bit of information answers every question. A sophisticated ending whets readers’ interest in the further adventures of these strong players.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (STARRED REVIEW)

“The British author handles district police procedures with the same easy authority she brings to the busy backstage life of a large symphony orchestra. Her ear is especially attuned, though, to character nuance…” MARILYN STASIO, NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

“A plethora of suspects, a reserved, mild-mannered hero, and the understatement so typical of the traditional British procedural.” KIRKUS REVIEWS

ISBN Hardback: 0-356-19681-X

ISBN Paperback: 0-7088-4900-8