Necrochip book cover


Published as Death to Go in the USA

This witty, intricate puzzle begins as a supposed crime passionelle. But each new kernel of evidence reveals an increasingly complex web of criminal intrigue. Slider is called on when a teenager finds a human finger among the fried potatoes at a London fish-and-chip shop. Body parts continue to surface as events expand to include a sinister tycoon, a prostitutes, rooming house, three mysterious Asians and five murders…Surprises abound.


Being able to write with pacy humour is rare. Constructing good thrillers with realistic characters is also rare. Being able to combine the two, and to do it successfully, is nearly unique.


Harrod-Eagles and her detective hero form a class act. The style is fast, funny and furious, the plotting crisply devious, and the denouement perversely wayward. And even then, the final line in the novel contains an extra little gasp-inducing twist. Lovely stuff.


ISBN Hardback: 0-316-90476-7
ISBN Paperback: 0-7515-0625-7

Necrochip book cover