Kate’s Progress book cover

Kate’s Progress

Romantic Comedy/Thriller

After a disastrous love affair, Kate wants only to escape to peace and solitude. Renovating a run-down cottage in Exmoor seems like the ideal retreat. But in a small village a new female face attracts a lot of male attention. She becomes involved with the local landowning family, the Blackmores – grim, unsmiling Ed, his divorced playboy brother Jack, and their flighty, shopaholic young stepmother Camilla. And it’s soon clear that someone doesn’t want Kate in that cottage, and they’re willing to go to extreme lengths to drive her out. Will she be forced to flee back to London, or can she prevail and find a new life of rural serenity? Between them, Jack and Ed may hold the key…

A heart-warming, charming, and thoroughly engaging modern-day romance.


ISBN 9780-7278-83094

Kate’s Progress book cover