The Orange Tree Plot book cover

The Orange Tree Plot

Eugenie, cherished only child of the Comte de Talcy, is brought up amid the splendours and luxuries of the Ancien Regime. But in 1789 Paris erupts into revolution and terror. Her father’s untimely death alone cheats the guillotine and nineteen-year-old Eugenie is forced to flee for her life.

Set down homeless and destitute by a small boat on the coast of England, Eugenie and her maid Marie set off on the long and weary walk to London. And when an arrogant gentleman in a sporting curricle heartlessly splashes them as he drives by, it is almost too much to bear.

In London Eugenie is taken in by Lady Mary Berrington, an old family friend – only to discover that Lady Mary’s adored nephew and most eligible bachelor in England, the Earl of St Osyth, is that same heartless gentleman whom Eugenie has sworn never to forgive.

Her new life is further disturbed when one of Robespierre’s agents in London recognises her. A plot is afoot to kidnap her and take her back to Paris and the guillotine. St Osyth might save her, but she will not ask him, and turns elsewhere for help. Not one, but two counter plots develop, with potentially disastrous results

ISBN 0-283-99966-7

The Orange Tree Plot book cover