The Kirov Trilogy Part 3: Emily book cover

The Kirov Trilogy Part 3: Emily

Three dramatic stories about the fictional Kirov family, set against the vivid, exotic and sometimes brutal history of Imperial Russia of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Click to view family tree

Begins: 1910
Period: The Great War and the Russian Revolution

Emily Paget, poor relation of an earl, shocks her family with her determination to earn her own living, rather than submit to a ‘respectable’ marriage. The adventure brings her to the notice of her eccentric Russian grandmother, who whisks her off to St Petersburg, There Emily finds the freedom she craves amongst the drawing-room revolutionaries; and falls passionately in love, never dreaming how close they are to real revolution.

When it comes, bloody and brutal, Emily’s courage is tested to the full. Only she can save something from the wreck and bring the last of her family safe out of Russia. But she must leave behind the man she loves, not knowing even if he is alive or dead.

Exemplary historical research combined with riveting romantic drama in the hands of a truly intelligent storyteller.

Publisher's press release

Winner of the 1993 RNA Novel of the Year Award
Hardcover ISBN 0-283-99822-9
Paperback ISBN 0-330-31792-X

The Kirov Trilogy Part 3: Emily book cover