Killing Time book cover

Killing Time

In the sixth in this highly literate series, Inspector Bill Slider is approached by Jay Paloma, a gay erotic dancer, who has received letters threatening his life. A few days later Paloma’s battered body is found in the apartment he shared with barmaid and prostitute Busty Parnell – Slider is teamed with young black female detective Tony Hart. Their investigation delves into the seedy underside of London’s nightlife. Harrod-Eagles affectionately portrays a colourful London. The witty wordplay between Atherton and Joanna, Slider’s complicated relationships with Joanna and (estranged wife) Irene and the spice added by detective Hart combine to produce another solid addition to an outstanding series.


The books work so well because the author manages to infuse them with a warmth and wit that lingers on after the last page is turned.


This is an excellent, solidly professional police story: well-written, with well-drawn characters and a neatly dovetailed plot.


…the charm oozed by Bill, who is a normal person with personal problems struggling to survive in a cruel world through humour and wit…a unique novel that gives readers a glimpse of an England rarely seen in this sub-genre.


Confident and lucid


ISBN Hardback: 0-316-88103-1
ISBN Paperback: 0-7515-2017-9

Killing Time book cover