Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

10 - Dear Departed


A young woman is stabbed to death while jogging in a west London park. She's the third in six weeks and there's nothing Detective Inspector Bill Slider hates more than a serial killer.

And as Slider and his team investigate the death of Chattie Cornfeld, things just get more complicated. There's a startling anomaly between her ritzy lifestyle and her modest income. There are friends who loved her, a sister who hated her, men who thought they knew her and a mysterious package that poses more questions than it answers.

Who was the real Chattie? Where was she on the last day of her life? And was it love, hate or avarice that drove the hooded figure to kill her?

"Delightful dialogue and carefully observed details makes Harrod-Eagles's 10th Bill Slider Mystery a winner." PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
"Witty wordsmith that she is, Harrod-Eagles knows exactly how to get under her detective's all-too-sensitive skin" MARYLIN STASIO, NEW YORK TIMES WEEKLY
"A fabulous who-done-it" HARRIET KLAUSNER

ISBN Hardback: 0-316-72492-0

ISBN Paperback: 0-7515-3428-5