The Long, Long Trail book cover

The Long, Long Trail

It is 1917, and for the Hunters, their friends and servants, the war is where they live now.

David, invalided out from the army, is a shadow of his former self. Diana, newly married, copes with pregnancy alone, her husband at the Front.

Aunt Laura, eager for challenge, goes to France with an ambulance team; and Beattie struggles to manage war work and household, while racked with her secret guilt and the gnawing fear of exposure.

U-boat attacks threaten Britain with starvation; and with the worsening privation comes a new horror as Germany begins a lethal bombing campaign. But even in the darkest hours of war, new life and new hope can burgeon, with the promise that the future might still hold happiness for them all.

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Published in hardback June 2017

The Long, Long Trail book cover