The Land of My Dreams book cover

The Land of My Dreams

It is 1916, and the Hunters, their friends and servants, are settling down to the business of war.

As conscription reaches into every household, Britain turns out men and shells in industrial numbers from army camps and munitions factories up and down the land.

Bobby, the second Hunter son, gains his wings and joins his brother in France. Ethel, the under-housemaid, embarks on a journey of discovery, and Laura Hunter sets out on her biggest adventure yet. Diana, the eldest Hunter daughter, finds a second chance at happiness in the last place she thought to look. And matriarch Beattie’s past comes back to haunt her.

But as the battle of the Somme grinds into action, the shadow of death falls over every part of the country, and the Hunter household cannot remain untouched.

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Published in hardback June 2016

The Land of My Dreams book cover