Keep The Home Fires Burning book cover

Keep The Home Fires Burning

The war was not ‘over by Christmas’ after all, and as 1915 begins, the Hunters settle into wartime life.

Diana, the eldest daughter, sees her fiancĂ© off to war, bewildered by the coldness she receives from his family. Her brother David and his battalion are ready to go to the Front, but how will matriarch Beattie’s fragile peace of mind endure?

Below stairs, under housemaid Ethel is tired of having her beaux go off to war, and sets her sights on a man who works on the railway, believing he won’t be allow to volunteer. Eric turns out to be decent, honest, and he genuinely cares about Ethel. Is this the man who could give her a new life?

The Hunters, their servants and their neighbours now realise that war is no longer just for the soldiers. As each new atrocity is reported, they know that this is a war that must be won by everyone, and at all costs.

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Published in hardback June 2015

Keep The Home Fires Burning book cover