Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Dynasty 34 - The Winding Road

Begins: 1925

Period: the Jazz Age; Wall Street Crash

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England is prosperous, enjoying an upsurge in trade, scientific discovery and new technology. In NewYork the Jazz Age defies Prohibition. Polly is a feted belle, and Lennie expands his interests from radio to television and talkies. In England, the General Strike sees the nation pulling together again. Emma drives an ambulance, Molly runs a canteen, and both find a new direction in life. Jack is part of the R101 team; Oliver becomes plastic surgeon to the stars. But the Wall Street Crash brings the fabulous decade to an end, and Morland Place faces the worst threat of its history.

Hardback ISBN 9781847441430

Published by Sphere on the 4th November 2011



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