The Restless Sea book cover

The Restless Sea

Begins: 1912
Period: George V; Titanic; Cat and Mouse Act
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England still conducts herself with Edwardian confidence; but beneath the surface cracks are breaking society apart. Socialism, strikes and riots, social unrest, and then the disasters of the Titanic and Captain Scott shake the ordered world. Among the Morlands, Jessie and Violet struggle to adapt to the demands of married life; Jack, unlucky in love, designs aeroplanes and trains pilots for the new Royal Flying Corps; and Anne, as the struggle for the Vote becomes more violent, takes comfort in the friendship of an unusual young woman. Meanwhile, the war no-one wants comes ever closer.

Hardback ISBN 0-316-86104-9
Paperback ISBN 0-7515-3344-0
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The Restless Sea book cover