Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Dynasty 35 - The Phoenix

Begins: 1931

Period: post-Crash depression; Hollywood and the Talkies; Edward and Mrs Simpson

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Polly has saved Morland Place, but tenant farmers resist her modernising ideas, until the handsome John Burton becomes her agent. James finds an unexpected new life as an explorer, and falls in love. Jack has to face that his flying days may be over, but won't go down without a fight. Violet accepts that her children must make their own way in the world, but Charlotte's choice of direction raises her eyebrows - until Richard's proves even more shocking. And Basil, determined to be the bad boy of the family, shows he can go one better, as the restless Thirties move inexorably towards another war.

Hardback ISBN 9780751549911

Published by Sphere on the 26th September 2013



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