Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Dynasty 10 - The Tangled Thread

Begins: 1788

Period: The French Revolution; beginning of Industrial Revolution

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In France, as the revolution begins, Henri, the bastard offshoot of the Morland family, strives to protect his family. He binds his daughter Heloise in loveless marriage to a Revolutionary, and allies himself with the vigorous Danton. But in the bloodbath of the Terror and the fall of Danton, Henri goes to the guillotine and Heloise flees to England where she is welcomed warmly by the Morland family. In Yorkshire Jemima's troublesome brood cause her anxiety - especially her youngest, Lucy, who disguises herself as a boy and runs away to sea - but at last she sees three of her children marry and the hope of an heir to Morland Place.

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